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Act of War is a text-based Multi-User Dungeon(MUD) game created by Henner Mohr in 1998. The game has a fantasy theme and follows similar patterns of other games within its genre. There have been numerous renditions of the Act of War code base, developed by a static administration.[1]

Game Version[]

The current version of the game is running on a heavily modified Diku/Rom2.4 code base. Act of War has typically pushed out major updates to the code through the implementation of new chapters. The current chapter running is 3.99. The administrative team is working behind the scenes to roll out the next version of the code, Chapter 7, entitled Act of War: A Call to Arms.

Game Description[]

The following is the introduction to the game: An age of war continues to march forth, the actions of heroes and armies chronicled by sages, commanders, and historians. Within the lands of Albiane and the corrupt forests of Unger and the Dragon Mountains, an age old conflict wages beneath the ancient Raven banner of the dark armies of the Mother Matron, and the last bastion of freedom in the west, the Fortress of Kael, the great dire wolf bearing tears and haggard frays, but flying high amidst the din of battle.

Kael’s forces a well disciplined military machine, made up of leftover knightly barons from a more feudal age, skilled rangers, and powerful benders of magic, have focused their attention on the destruction of the ancient evil lurking beneath the peaks of the Dragon Mountains, the orc and goblin hordes that lurk at its base, and within thousands of windy carved tunnels and caverns.

Matching Kael might for might, the Matron Mother’s steely ranks of orcs, crafty goblins, and mighty ogres and trolls, form the bulwark of the armies of Undermountain. Attracting all manner of ilk to herself, the Matron employs even darker beings in her service, from lifeless necromancers to bloodthirsty vampires. Her course is the subjugation of the kingdoms of light, turning them to slaves and corrupting them into her own dark army.

Follow the path of light, and fend against the encroaching evil, or take up the dark blood-stained banner of the Matron Mother! Whichever side you choose, Kael or Undermountain, prepare for WAR!


  • Chapter I (1998) - Henner Mohr/Nimbus, Zen, Warcry
  • Chapter II (1999) - Introduction of Cairn - Henner Mohr/Nimbus, Zen, Warcry
  • Chapter III: The Wasteland Chronicles (2000)


In order to connect to the game players must use a telnet client. The current version of the game can be found at the ip address:, PORT:4000 or users can connect to, PORT: 4000.


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