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Akanbar is a MUD with a medieval fantasy theme that is free to play. It offers the chance to purchase enhanced skills with real money. Role playing is encouraged and often enforced. Player killing is restricted. There is an HTML 5 client available.

The Story[]

Set in a mystical, medieval land are three eternally opposed cities: the Republic of Elysium on an island off the western shore, the Empire of Golgonath in the volcanic east and the Forest of Ysallyra in the distant and shadowed north. Elysium and Golgonath unendingly re-enact the battle between good and evil, while Ysallyra looks on dispassionately, sometimes refraining from choosing sides. Over all hangs the shadow of the Dragon Wars that devastated the land more than two centuries ago.

Cities and Guilds[]

Each of the three cities hosts five guilds, four combat-oriented and one mercantile. The mercantile guilds are not only a peaceful option for those interested in a support-oriented lifestyle, but also a mainstay of each city's survival. The guilds are as follows:

Elysium: Templars, Storm Wardens, Runesmiths, Monks & Merchants

Golgonath: Forsaken, Pyromancers, Black Legion, Demonologists & Crafters

Ysallyra: Shadow Warriors, Assassins, Shamans, Conjurers & Traders

Each of the combat guilds possesses at least one skill unique to its alignment, history or it's home city's history. The combat guilds are also considered bound to their home cities, and should a member of a fighting guild change his or her alignment, all unique skills are forfeit, unless they don't join another city.

Staff and Players[]

Akanbar boasts a small but dedicated group of coders/admins, and a rich player base.

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