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Welcome to Alter Aeon!

Advanced and new players are both welcome. New players will find custom low level areas and quests specifically designed to help and teach newbies, as well as extensive on-line help and FAQs at Alter Aeon's Website.

Game Development and Platform[]

Alter Aeon is a multi-user dungeon, or text based adventure game, which has been running since 1996. Alter Aeon has support for blind and visually impaired players using screen-readers. A custom client for the sighted with enhanced map support is also available on the web site, however the game can still be played using telnet or ordinary MUD clients.

The game is hosted by the creator and developer "Dentin" on a dedicated co-located server in Texas. The code base, DentinMud, is completely original with inspiration from Diku and Merc. The code is currently at v2.05 and maintains a stable and coherent gameplay environment while being regularly updated and expanded. All players may view recent changes with the in-game command "changes" or the web page "Alter Aeon Recent Changes and Additions".

Game Play and Features[]

Alter Aeon is a medieval fantasy role-playing game, with occasional sci-fi and other fantasy references.

The character system is multi-class, level-based. The classes are the standard magic user, cleric, thief, and warrior, and may be leveled at any time.

The skill and spell system is broken up into elemental and functional groups, with a large number of isolated standalone spells and skills.

There is in-game support for clans and clan property. Players in most cases can create clans and modify clan areas without administrative support.

Player killing is only allowed on an 'opt-in' basis. There is both temporary player killing without major consequences, and permanent player killing for a full-time player-vs-player enjoyment.

The game supports server-side spam filters variables and aliases. Making your character portable and usable from most any computer or tty.

The communication system allows for player-created channels which support access lists, password protection, and player ownership.

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