Darkness Falls was an online game created by Mythic Entertainment that was available on GameStorm and AOL in the 1990s. Darkness Falls was an internet FRPG-style game where players played the role of demons (who could enchant items), orcs (who had the ability to heal), imps (who have a powerful backstab attack), skeletons (who have the ability to attack multiple targets at a time), werewolves (who have a powerful berserk attack), zombies (who have a pummel attack which deals non-lethal damage), necromancers (who had powerful spells), and vampires (who could drain blood and cast spells) in the fantasy world of Olmran and the city of Tamia.
Darkness Falls: The Crusade was a sequel to this game.

This game is no longer available as of early 2001 along with all other games offered on the Mythic-Realms gaming center excluding Dragon's Gate.

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