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Dawn of Ages is DikuMUD. It is possible to start in the city of Midgaard on Dawn of Ages. On a weekend day there was less then 5 characters visible including the tester. Entry is into the Temple of Midgaard with a Tower of Training to the east where both newbie equipment and MUD training can be had.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; invalid names, e.g. too many


Much of this world has been integrated, modified, debugged, and enhanced by

Hatchet, Kahn, and Furey of MERC Industries to be run by any MERC Mud.

1992 December 17. ROM enhancements by Alander. Java(tm) code by Peter Herth

Getting started[]

Read sign returns an error message, as does look at sign; look reads it. One can look in a container. Examine returns both description and contents if it is a container. Newbie equipment is bought, gratis, in a store after list. There is a newbie channel. "Get sandals shelf" works; "get sandals from shelf" returns an error message. The command "hint" will toggle the annoying Hint messages. Rent is deprecated, you need only save and quit.


On death you are given the affect godly protection which allows you to get to and retrieve equipment from your corpse. Affects is a command on Dawn of Ages which gives information about spells and skills which affect you.


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