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GNSmud is a text-based game with a AD&D Forgotten Realms theme, and is based on ShadowDale MUD with updated code and new features, from which it branched off in 2014. It has remained in active[1] development since. The name GNSmud is a recursive acronym for GNS Not Shadowdale[2], as a reference to the game it forked from.

The MUD features 18 races and 11 classes, with possibilities for single, duel and tri-classing. In true AD&D style it have some class/race restrictions, as well as some multi-class options being only available for some races.

When creating a new character the player has options to spawn in the race's hometown or in Shadowdale. It's recommended to start in Shadowdale as there is more people present there and the training grounds might have donated equipment.

As of summer 2017, the community have had a revival thanks to redditors reading a former players exiting tales of playing[3]. In January 2018 some minor spell tweaks where, and February saw some items returning to the game along with minor tweaks to some zones.[4]

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