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MUD Wiki is a place to research and publish information about MUDs. Experience on Wikipedia has shown that the requirements for notability and reliable sources can make it difficult to adequately edit articles on MUDs, despite an extensive body of published information internal to the MUDding world.

Here, information known to the administration of MUDs and to their players may be published, as well as the recollections and experiences of coders and players.


It turns out that there is an existing Wiki on Wikia concerning MUDs, WikiMU*, see list of articles starting with a. Tentatively, looking for example at this article its policies seem quite different from those envisioned for MUD Wiki.

Quests and other secrets[]

It is inappropriate to set forth exactly how to work quests, or other information which diminishes the pleasure of play on a MUD. Such material found on-line should not be linked to.


The focus of MUD Wiki is the history and current status and nature of free to play text-based MUDs derived from the AberMUD, DikuMUD, and LPMUD coding and culture. Articles about the predecessors of MUDs such as Adventure and Dragons and Dungeons are appropriate as well as brief articles about fantasy and other fictional sources of imaginary worlds. Brief articles about video games and massive graphical games, MMORPGs, perhaps imported from Wikipedia, with links to Wikia wikis about them are also appropriate.

Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/MUD[]

Information at Wikipedia:Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/MUD may be helpful. However, our requirements for a reliable source and notability are much less rigorous. Fred Talk 13:21, November 12, 2012 (UTC)


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