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Prime is a derivative of the Merc/Godwars line of MUDs. The code base was an alteration of a bare bones Dystopia, and was written by a developers called "Tetsuru Uzuki" "Rohan" and "Phaad". The source code was released in 2004. It is said to be heavily influenced by Symphony of the Night, later known as Divine Anathema in that it was designed to be balanced and competitive. The fight system was very unique, in which combat rounds were decided by comparing the stats of combatants, rather then characters having a base number of attacks or damage. For example, a character four times as fast as you in their speed rating, would have four attacks a round while fighting you, however someone with a similar speed rating would only get one. At its height it supported hundreds of simultaneous users. Early development on Prime began in 2000, and it went offline in 2007 with the botched release of 4.0 and Tetsuru stating he no longer had the time to dedicate to the project. Prime Revival a fan project operated for a few months in 2008 with assistance from Tetsuru, but it never gained much traction and closed shortly after.

The MUD DBZ Prime ran the code and created a Dragon Ball themed Pure-PVP Godwars.

There were several notable divergences from its God Wars origins.

  • A level system where users gained "Ranks" to increase power.
  • Various Unique races, and powers
  • Completely original fight code
  • Comparative based combat
  • Implementation of speed rating for attack sequences
  • Advantage swings in combat
  • Reincarnation, and Permanent Death
  • Hard coded weapons and equipment

It is unknown if any other MUDs currently use this code base, however the creator is said to still help support it if asked, and willing to release all revisions he has on file.