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ROM is a MUD codebase derived from Merc, which is based on DikuMUD. Russ Taylor (Alander) released Rom 2.3 in 1993. In 1994 he formed The Rom Consortium with his then-wife Gabrielle Taylor/Camille Dumas (Satin/Antoinette) and their close friend Brian Moore (Zump). Brian Moore passed away on January 5th, 2011 from congestive heart failure. He will be missed.

Aardwolf, one of the most popular MUDs in the late 1990s, used ROM 2.4.[1]

The most current publicly available version of Rom is 2.4b6,[2] which was released in May 1998. ROMolc is an unofficial port of the popular online creation add-on, and is distributed with the package and as an add-on.


Rom 4.1, also known as Athen 1.1, is the current private Rom source. There are no plans for its public release, and only three muds have permission to run the Athen code.

One of these muds is Rehobaom's Legacy[1], once called Tesseract. It was founded by Gabrielle Taylor with Jay B. Kesten (ShapeShifter) and is now run by her with Tomohiko Tanabe (Jequel). Russ Taylor is still present but far less active.

The second, Rom II[2], was derived from Russ Taylor's original game, and run by Brian Moore. Known as Rivers of MUD, this version has been well maintained, ad free, and free for use since its beginning. Rivers of MUD was shut down at midnight on March 31, 2006, due to lack of interest on part of the implementors. The implementors left a note on the web page describing some of the difficulties encountered during the MUD's last few years.

The third, Natural Selection[3], is run by Garry Turkington (Corloth/Banton), who wrote the original Rom FAQ.


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