Threshold RPG
Developer(s) Frogdice
Release date(s) June 17, 1996 (1996-06-17)
Genre(s) MMORPG, MUD
Mode(s) Multiplayer
System requirements Internet connection,
Telnet or MUD client

Threshold is a roleplaying enforced MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) written in LPC with a custom code-base that has been in operation since June 1996.[1] Its focus is on providing a place for roleplaying, as opposed to working as a traditional game. It has as many as 70 players online at any given time and is ranked in third place on the all time ranking list of Top Mud Sites.[2][3] In 2001, the game was listed by Computer Gaming World as one of the Top 10 Free Online Games.[4]


Threshold is a text-based MUD[5] running on a custom server.[2] The focus is heavily on role-playing, and the bulk of rules and administrator intervention is to enforce and stimulate role-playing.[2] The game doesn't allow minors and one must be over 18 to play.[6]

The game itself may be accessed via a telnet client or a mud client. The player goes through a brief character creation, and may then begin interacting with the game world.

Game World

Threshold RPG is a fantasy based MUD set in a world with three main continents and a chain of islands. Religion based on a pantheon of Greek-like deities plays a dominant role in the story of the mud, and Threshold has been recognized for its player-driven legal system [7].

Business Model

Threshold started out with a donation system where players donated towards sever upgrades and hosting costs. Then Threshold evolved to a registration system with a yearly subscription fee. In 2007, Threshold became free to play with a pay for perks system where players can purchase virtual items.[8]


Threshold was, for three consecutive years, The MUD Journal's highest-rated role-playing game.[7] Computer Games Magazine listed it as a highlight of less popular MMOGs, describing it as being particularly focused on role-playing, and noting the distinct passion of its players.[5]

Richard Bartle has described it as having a individuality lacking in contemporary graphical MMOGs noting its in-game legal system as an example.[7]


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