'''Owners''' [ Frogdice, Inc.]
'''Hosted by''' Dedicated Host
'''Date Created''' June 11, 2006
'''MUD Genre''' Roleplay Enforced
'''Codebase''' Custom LPC
'''Rating''' Adult (18+)
'''Website''' []
'''Connect''' port 23

'''Threshold''' is a [[roleplay]]ing enforced MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) written in LPC with a custom code-base that has been in operation since June 17, 1996.<ref name="threshold">{{cite web |url= |title=Threshold homepage }}</ref> It has as many as 100 players online at any given time and is ranked in third place on the all time ranking list of ''Top Mud Sites''.<ref name="mudconnect1">{{cite web|url= |title=TMC Reviews: Threshold RPG |author=Lynne Hall |publisher=The Mud Connector |date=1999-01-22 |accessdate=2009-01-10}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|title=TMS All time rankings |publisher=Top Mud Sites |accessdate=2009-01-10}}</ref> Threshold is currently owned by [ Frogdice, Inc], and it was originally created by Michael. A Hartman, known to the game as Aristotle. In 2001, Dalaena was added as an administrator of Threshold, and in 2007, Gesslar became the third person to code on Threshold RPG. == The Game World == Threshold's landmass consists of three continents and a series of islands off the west coast of Sable, the main city, and players tend to congregate in the taverns or their guild. The world of Threshold includes fourteen guilds, one of which is unlisted. Of these fourteen guilds, seven have special roleplaying requirements to join, and many of the guilds have special racial roleplaying restrictions as well. In addition to the guilds, player created clans and organizations wield much of the power on Threshold. Each clan needs an approved charter, with active roleplay propositions, and four members to create the clan. From there, the clans may determine how many ranks they have and what to call those rankings. This leaves room for a lot of customization. Threshold places a great trust in its players as players are able to design custom clothing, custom houses, and custom items with very little interference from administrators. Players aid in policing each other by pointing out descriptions or items that break the in-character environment, so while abuses do occur, they are few compared to the power players have over their environment. == Controversy == To come. == Links == To come. {{ActiveMUD}} [[category:List of MU*s]] [[category:MU* Promotional Pages]] [[category:Fantasy]] [[category:Free]] [[category:RP Enforced]]

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