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Trace is a feature of NiMUD which allows the user to record his or her actions into a script, which can later be placed on an "actor" (the NiMUD nomenclature for the Diku "mobile"). It is part of NiMUD's script editor, SCEDIT. Traced actions can be entire guided adventures. Scripts can be created in modular parts using TRACE and then tied together with various trigger points to create vertical and lateral associations of artificial life on a single entity. Scripts which have been traced can also be stored for use as player scripts. When tied to the player, a traced script forces the player to perform the action. This is useful for simulating disease or forcing characters to sleep and wake up or perform other automated actions at the whims of the script designer. Scripts such as the examples provided in the previous sentence add to the power of SPEDIT, the spell editor. Spells can assign traced scripts to a player to instantiate the activity.