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I began MUDding on Utopia, an AberMUD hosted at South Dakota State College. Utopia had about half a dozen regular players at that time, sometimes more. I then played for sometime on other AberMUDs including Infinity and Northern Lights. I had found Utopia in a book about online games. I might have started at BatMUD, but they were recoding the site. After they finished I began playing there in 1996. I played there for many years. In early 2002 I began editing on Wikipedia and enjoyed that a great deal, becoming an administrator and eventually an arbitrator.

I applied to Wikia for MUD Wiki due to conflict on Wikipedia over what constitutes a reliable source for information regarding a MUD, as well as questions of notability. The precipitating incident was the deletion of the article on Threshold, (Threshold (online game)). This controversy showed the need for a specialized wiki with policies appropriate for adequate information regarding MUDs and MUDing. There is a great deal of online information, both on websites maintained by individual MUDs, and community forums, which strict Wikipedia policies result in excluding. Particularly distressing is the exclusion of information about a game derived from the MUD's website or from players of the MUD.


I have used the following names for characters:


Generally only on BatMUD but occasionally elsewhere.


Suitably guttural for orc, ogre, or troll test characters.


Lal, and variations such as Labele or Lallal, Lal, Data's daughter in a Star Trek Next Generation episode, and a Hindi word, is not always acceptable as name. My usual test character is a halfling bard. Keeps my interest up. But sometimes a small spell-casting race is chosen.


Toots and Blackprince were used long ago on AberMUDs, password forgotten...