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Returning to Toril the time was 3am, but RL moments later the sun rose, the clock chimed 6am and the eastern gates of the city of Waterdeep opened. My map showed no bard's guild and it was not in the thieves guild, but a request on NHC revealed a location above a tavern in the northwest of the bazaar, but, alas, I was already trained up.

Then a human newbie helper, level 1, contacted me by tell, and recalling to Waterdeep, gifted me with two awesome, but blessed, weapons, an eerily glowing trident and the sword of the glorious pearl, which he allowed were fearsome weapons, but could not survive renting. It turn out I could use neither, but as they could only be used on evil monsters we set out to find them.

The east gates were closed, but he know a secret tunnel under the walls, and we rapidly ran east, so far and fast that shortly before getting there I was out of V:

  • < 88h/88H 187p/187P 1v/96V >
  • He leaves north.
  • You follow hun north.
  • You are too exhausted.

Soon I recovered we entered the goblin infested mountains I had previously passed through. We entered a cave and passed two hobgoblins who did not seem interested in us and soon found a Goblin Hall which had lots of wimpy monsters, and, if you didn't get lost, which I did later, was safe, easy, but boring experience. Luckily I found a map, which served me well when the Goblin King reset:

  • The goblin king wounds you harshly with its average bludgeon.
  • You stagger from the goblin king's strong bludgeon!
  • OUCH! That really did HURT!"

unexpectedly together with two Elite Goblin Guards and nearly killed me. But checking my log, while hiding in a side room, and looking at the map I had found in another room, I was able, after several tries to get past these monsters and get out of the goblin hall.

On leaving I discovered a sign warning lone adventurers away from Mt. Skelenak. And so my adventure ended, I did level, increased one level, and have some new quests, finding both ends of the secret tunnel, and finding my way back to the goblin hall.